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As we’ve noted in our previous blog post, choosing a new client or program management system requires thoughtful consideration.  If you’re wondering whether or not HomeKeeper will be a fit with your organization, review these ten questions with your program staff and assess your readiness to proceed. The more ‘yes’ answers, the more likely you are to benefit from HomeKeeper.



1. Do you have, a Community Land Trust (CLT) program with at least 25 homes in your portfolio?

Why we ask: HomeKeeper is the only system built by and for Community Land Trusts.

2. Are you a HUD Housing Counseling agency?

Why we ask: HomeKeeper has been a HUD approved CMS since 2016 and makes 9902 reporting easy and error-free.

3. Are you a Habitat for Humanity Affiliate?

Why we ask: Over 25 Habitat affiliates – primarily high capacity and growing ones – are using HomeKeeper.  

4. Do you manage a portfolio of homes with restrictions that ensure lasting affordability?

Why we ask: HomeKeeper was built to manage the complexity of portfolio monitoring and program compliance over time. 

5. Do you manage a downpayment assistance program?

Why we ask: HomeKeeper helps you track “silent second” loan allocations and key information on borrowers.

6. Do you manage multiple housing or homeownership programs?

Why we ask: HomeKeeper helps organizations track multiple housing programs in one central place.

7. Are you a well established program with a growing portfolio of homes?

Why we ask: If you are a new program or have a small number of homes, consider using our free tools before adopting HomeKeeper.  

8. Does your organizational leadership and your colleagues support your transition to Salesforce and HomeKeeper?

Why we ask: The most successful folks ask the right questions and have broad support for systems change within the organization.

9. Do you have a dedicated staff person to lead implementation and manage internal change?

Why we ask: Transitioning to HomeKeeper requires time and a dedicated internal champion.

10 Are you frustrated with the way you track program information?

Why we ask: HomeKeeper is designed to make your jobs easier and your programs better.


How many questions did you answer ‘yes’ to? The more ‘yes’ answers, the more likely you are to benefit from the homeownership and housing counseling features of HomeKeeper. Contact us today to schedule an individualized demo or discuss your data management needs in more detail. If you’re still deciding on your next step, check out our related post on choosing the right CMS for your organization.