Where'd your buyer's go?
Have you  outgrown your paper systems, but are not yet ready to adopt HomeKeeper? Here are 5 free tools you can start using today to get you on the path to better data management and faster reporting.  Whether you’re ready to become a HomeKeeper member next month or next year, these easy-to-use tools will help you implement best  practices now.
  • Data Collection Checklist  – A data management  checklist  developed by peer permanently affordable housing organizations based on data collection best practices.
  • Universal Program Application –  A program application created by your peers to ensure that organizations are tracking the same types of data upon application.
  • Property Portfolio Management Spreadsheet  –  A starter excel spreadsheet for tracking your properties.
  • Monitoring Event Log  – An excel spreadsheet containing a  running log of important monitoring issues your organization is  working to resolve.
  • Exit Survey Template   –  Exit surveys are a great way to track former homeowners upon resale.