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Habitat_for_Humanity_Logo_2005Family Services and Family Selection staff at Habitat affiliates manage an overwhelming amount of  information on partner families. Meanwhile, real estate staff have to track warranty requests, project pipelines, and development subsidies. Is your staff buried under paper files and tracking redundant data in multiple spreadsheets? If so, you’re probably wasting precious time managing information and generating reports when you could be spending more time with your partner families!

Many Habitat for Humanity affiliates, especially those with a with a rapidly growing portfolio need a reliable solution that reflects the unique needs of their organization. We invite you to join our growing number of over 30 affiliates that are using HomeKeeper, a Salesforce app for affordable homeownership programs. Our membership currently includes many high capacity and high performing Habitat affiliates and one state support organization who are using HomeKeeper  to make their jobs easier and their programs better.


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Core Functionality

HomeKeeper makes it easy for program staff  to mange all of your  homeowner, property and subsidy tracking information in one central place – online. It follows program staff through many of their day to day activities.  For example, you can:

  • See what matters. Manage your project pipeline by tracking properties from acquisition through construction
  • Coordinate Family Selection, including certifying families’ income eligibility, tracking progress on their application, and keeping centralized notes on the family selection and qualification process
  • Standardize purchase transaction management, by tracking detailed information on homebuyer financing, including Habitat mortgages, closing cost contributions, as well as second loans from your program and government programs
  • Maintain homeowner relationships by systematically logging Partner Family interactions post-purchase.
  • Create powerful reports and dashboards to quickly track your progress and outcomes.

Habitat Customizations

Habitat members have implemented additional custom solutions such as:

Habitat user meetings

In 2016, we launched a series of Habitat user cohort meetings to cover Habitat related HomeKeeper topics including onboarding, impact measurement and customizations. For future Habitat Cohort Meetings, check out our upcoming meetings.

Learn More

Are you ready to make a change for the better?  If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us for a free data management assessment. We’ll talk through your data management and program reporting needs and identify pain points and priorities.  Based on the needs of your affiliate, we’ll make some simple recommendations you can implement immediately to improve your program and create compelling reports for your staff and stakeholders.  If you’re ready to become a HomeKeeper member, we’ll review the on-boarding process and identify next steps.

Habitat Affiliates currently using HomeKeeper include:

  • Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas
  • Austin Habitat for Humanity
  • Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County
  • Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco
  • Morris Habitat for Humanity
  • Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia
  • Habitat for Humanity of Southern Alberta
  • Habitat for Humanity of New York State
  • Habitat for Humanity East Bay / Silicon Valley
  • Habitat for Humanity Sonoma County
  • Habitat for Humanity Twin Cities
  • Habitat for Humanity Tulsa
  • Habitat for Humanity Chicago
  • Habitat for Humanity Fresno County
  • Habitat for Humanity Portland Metro East
  • Habitat for Humanity of Island County
  • Habitat for Humanity Lexington
  • Habitat for Humanity Capital Region
  • Habitat for Humanity New York City
  • Habitat for Humanity Orange County (CA)
  • Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles
  • Trinity Habitat for Humanity
  • Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County
  • Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity
  • Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg
  • Dallas Area Habitat For Humanity
  • Habitat for Humanity of Cabarrus County
  • Flower City Habitat for Humanity
  • Rice County Habitat for Humanity
  • Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County (MI)
  • Habitat for Humanity Orange County (NC)
  • Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity
  • Lancaster Lebanon Habitat for Humanity


Updated August 10, 2020


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