Ready to join? Become a HomeKeeper Organization in four easy steps:

  1. Meet with us (on the phone) to assess your readiness and plan out your implementation timeline
  2. Apply for Salesforce Licenses (HomeKeeper runs on the Salesforce platform and you will need licenses before HomeKeeper is installed)
  3. Complete the HomeKeeper Application
  4. Sign a Participation Agreement


Once your agreement is signed, you’re ready to begin the HomeKeeper on-boarding process.   Transitioning to HomeKeeper requires a significant amount of time and energy, particularly during the first 6 months.   Successful adoption requires a HomeKeeper Champion at your organization who can take the lead and bring along the rest of your staff. Fortunately, you’re not on your own.   We’ll guide you through the setup process and make sure you get off to the right start. There are four phases to getting started:

  1. Pre-HomeKeeper Prep – Get your staff and data ready to transition to HomeKeeper
  2. Custom HomeKeeper Setup – We’ll help you get a Salesforce account and will install a customized HomeKeeper configured just for your program.
  3. Individual Orientation – Next, gather your staff and prepare for an Orientation.   Follow-up with up to 4 hours of additional 1-1 training.
  4. HomeKeeper Launch   – Develop internal data management procedures and get your program data in!