Housing counseling technology just got a whole lot better with HomeKeeper, a HUD approved Client Management System (CMS).

HomeKeeper users can now track housing counseling workshops and one-on-one counseling alongside homeownership programs and send data and reports directly to HUD.

“I’m so excited about this new integration of HUD compliant reporting for housing counseling into HomeKeeper as it allows me to use one system for all of my programs. This is a major improvement in our ability to get the reports we need to manage our programs effectively.”

– Kelsey Thompson, Housing Coordinator at Athens Land Trust.

Housing Counseling – Reimagined

Our new housing counseling features were built with an advisory group of HomeKeeper users that manage both homeownership programs and housing counseling programs. Based on their feedback, we have expanded HomeKeeper in order to:

  • Consolidate data systems and eliminate data silos
  • Transition away from aging legacy systems
  • Spend less time on reporting
  • Standardize program administration among staff
  • Manage housing counseling cases alongside other housing programs

Built for Busy Housing Counselors

In addition to the homeownership program management features in HomeKeeper, our new housing counseling features include the ability for you to:
  • Collect detailed data on clients and households
  • Track counselor activities and professional trainings
  • Quickly audit files for completeness and correctness
  • Send quarterly reports directly to HUD
  • Create custom data fields, dashboards and reports

Adoption grants are now being offered, so be sure to ask if you’re eligible!

*Note that the housing counseling features are offered in addition to the core homeownership program features, and are available for an additional fee.