Matt Warner

Hello Housing

We worked with HomeKeeper and Franklin Joyce to redesign our process in the face of increased demand. Instead of having everyone submit what is essentially an inch thick folder of documents, we broke it into steps.  The end result was that we saved at least 200 hours of staff time with online applications

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Theresa Lambarry

Chicago Community Land Trust

With HomeKeeper, we are able to put all the information including the covenant for an owner into  one place.  Information for reports is available in one place, instantly! There is always help at the other end if I run into trouble

Lindsey Sargent

Homestead Community Land Trust

Homekeeper has changed our housing non-profit tremendously. We previously used excel spreadsheets to track everything

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Justin Collins

Lehigh Vally CLT

HomeKeeper is worth the cost. I do not know how a small active program could better invest a few thousand dollars. HomeKeeper is my daily workflow tool. I use it to track site inspections and activity on both properties and client files.

Pat Steiger

Executive Director

Since adoption, HomeKeeper has become “an indispensable application” for us. We no longer have multiple spreadsheets managing all the information. It has simplified our operation with more accurate real-time information. The data was useful for identifying gaps in our investment side and has lead to partnerships that impact our targeted demographics

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