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Our users are pretty happy with HomeKeeper. But don’t just take our word for it. Read on and learn what they have to say.

1_Roof_zenJulie Hillman –  One Roof Community Housing

“If you are an organization that has to track large amounts of information related to affordable housing, please do not give HomeKeeper a second thought – Just Do It! The amount of administrative time it will save you in the end will be worth your while – especially when you have to fill out all of those government reports that ask endless questions.   HomeKeeper will have all the answers you need…

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OPAL_logo_zen Julie Brunner –  OPAL Community Land Trust

“HomeKeeper makes my job AWESOME! Finally there is software made just for CLTs that allows me to track everything I need to track and captures valuable data for reporting while I do my everyday work…

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Champlain logo

Jaclyn Marcotte –   Champlain Housing Trust

“HomeKeeper is the most customizable database I have ever worked in. Adding fields, moving fields, and hiding fields you don’t use; it can all be done with ease. I have been able to set up merge documents with the help of Conga Composer, another app of Salesforce, and we have been able to eliminate a lot of our triple and quadruple entry of data. Now we can just click on a link and the document merges together! Reporting is a breeze! I can’t believe how easy it is to click and drag the information that you want in a report and it’s done! Every day I learn something new that HomeKeeper can do. The support has been great. We now have 518 properties that are part of our Shared Equity portfolio and managing our data and pulling reports has never been easier.”

First_HomesCheryl Key –  Rochester Area Foundation – First Homes

“Hallelujah for HomeKeeper!

HomeKeeper is a fully functional, top rate software program that has captured the process of Community Land Trust Homeownership and automated it skillfully. I am thankful that I can sit down and input data without dozens of calls to a support line or to hours of reading help screens or manuals.   Your customer support and assistance is excellent, prompt and courteous!   I would recommend HomeKeeper to all Community Land Trust organizations. It is the perfect program for every stage of CLT Homeownership. Please see my attached testimonial for more details on my HomeKeeper experience.”

OPAL zen

Lisa Byers – Opal CLT

“As an Executive Director, I strive to track the volume of activity–how many inquires do we have for our services? How many people have we served with what services? etc.   I also need to keep our Board of Trustees informed about how we are serving our community.   Before HomeKeeper, staff members spent 1 to 2 hours each month on reports inventorying data about our service levels. Now I can see that data instantly in a Dashboard on my computer, and I can drill down for more details on our applicants, our waiting list, the status of sales and resales.

What I am most excited about is that my organization is now much less vulnerable to loss of information that might result from key staff members departures.   There are so many pieces of data on each property, each person, each transaction, and now that information is all stored in one place, instead of a mix of paper files and spreadsheets.”


David Ogunsanya – Program and Stewardship Manager

“Since adoption,   HomeKeeper has become “an indispensable application” for us. We no longer have multiple spreadsheets managing all the information. It has simplified our operation with more accurate real-time information. The data was useful for identifying gaps in our investment side and has lead to partnerships that impact our targeted demographics.”

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Cambridge Square

Anna Dolmatch – Housing Planner – City of Cambridge

“It’s an intuitive program that is easy to start using. We had evaluated other software options–because we are a municipal function we went through formal procurement process–and HomeKeeper was by far the most “common sense” to pick up and quickly use. You can customize HomeKeeper to your needs–which is whole another topic–but it supports our unique process. Our program has some unique features and HomeKeeper handles them.”

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Habitat Seattle logo

Ali Sheibani – Habitat for Humanity Seattle – King County

“HomeKeeper  provided us with a single source of information  on our families and properties. The added benefit is our ability to filter families and homes by demographics,  income, and size. The reporting function is the most useful part.  We can easily pull  historical information and  homes that have closed and the completion of the sale.”

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MNCLTNPat Steiger, Executive Director

“I have been working with various data collection tools and contact software for the past fifteen years, both custom and off the shelf.   I was pleased to be included in selection process that resulted in using the Salesforce platform for the ultimate creation of HomeKeeper.   Cornerstone Partnership, NPower and the users have done an outstanding job of creating a user friendly system that captures needed data while providing the practical management tools for land trust organizations.”

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Justin Collins – Lehigh Vally CLT

“HomeKeeper is worth the cost. I do not know how a small active program could better invest a few thousand dollars.

HomeKeeper is my daily workflow tool. I use it to track site inspections and activity on both properties and client files. The way that HomeKeeper links the property and the service files together is essential. I no longer rely on multiple disparate spreadsheets. Once you set HomeKeeper up in a way that works for your program, the information you may need at any time is automatically linked. While you must allot staff time to learn the software, there probably isn’t another software program out there that will work as well. Salesforce/HomeKeeper is very adaptable…

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HomesteadLindsey Sargent – Homestead Community Land Trust

“Homekeeper has changed our housing non-profit tremendously. We previously used excel spreadsheets to track everything…

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Chicago with margin
Theresa Lambarry – Chicago Community Land Trust

With HomeKeeper, we are able to put all the information including the covenant for an owner into  one place.  Information for reports is available in one place, instantly! There is always help at the other end if I run into trouble with HomeKeeper.   I get a response back to my e-mails within 24 hours or sooner.

housing fund Paul Johnson – The Housing Fund

“Homekeeper’s efficient data management software has allowed The Housing Fund staff to focus on customer service and marketing our loan product to the community.”

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Brian Guyer  –  Mountainlands Community Housing Trust

“We have deployed a private online application page which we can now send to prospective home owners. This new application has been saving our staff a half to a full day of work per month on the 15-20 applications we used to retype from the paper forms.

If I had one piece of advice for other organizations moving their applications I would interview current applicants to understand where clients struggle,  plus staff together to review what is working and where they could improve.”

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Matt Warner  –  Hello Housing

“We worked with HomeKeeper and Franklin Joyce to redesign our process in the face of increased demand. Instead of having everyone submit what is essentially an inch thick folder of documents we broke it into steps.  The end result was that we saved at least 200 hours of staff time, provided more information to the most eligible, and saved many applicants from the effort of the full application when they would have been disqualified.”

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