During the fall of 2016 we worked with our developers and HomeKeeper members  to develop expanded housing counseling features for HomeKeeper, including the ability to report data to HUD. The result? HomeKeeper is now a HUD approved Counseling Management System (CMS).

This has been a long-standing feature request from HomeKeeper users who manage both affordable homeownership programs and also provide housing counseling services.  These new capabilities to track housing counseling workshops and one-on-one counseling, eliminate the need for tracking and managing programs in HomeKeeper and using another system for reporting to HUD and other funders.

Built to make your job easier

Our new housing counseling features were built with an advisory group of HomeKeeper users that manage both homeownership programs, and housing counseling programs. Based on their feedback, we have expanded HomeKeeper in order to:

  • Transition away from aging legacy systems
  • Consolidate data systems that create data silos between programs
  • Reduce time spent auditing files and preparing quarterly reports
  • Standardize program administration among multiple program staff
  • Increase flexibility of data collection and reporting

Take your Housing Counseling to the Next Level

In addition to the homeownership program management features in HomeKeeper, our new housing counseling features include the ability for you to:
  • Manage all of your 1-1 housing counseling cases alongside your other homeownership program files
  • Collect detailed data on clients and their households
  • Track counselor activities and counselor trainings
  • Quickly audit files for completeness and correctness
  • Send quarterly reports directly to HUD
  • View counseling progress and activities in customizable dashboards and reports

Ready to make the switch?

Our first HomeKeeper users are now piloting these new features and are successfully reporting quarterly data to HUD.  We are now recruiting for our Early Adopter Program, so if you’re interested in taking your housing counseling to the next level,  contact us for more information.

“I’m very excited about using HomeKeeper to do my required quarterly HUD reporting for housing counseling. Customizing HomeKeeper to collect only the necessary information means that my reporting time is cut in half from what it was when I used [my previous] system.”

-Randi Davis, Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust

“I’m so excited about this new integration of HUD compliant reporting for housing counseling into HomeKeeper as it allows me to use one system for all of my programs. I can pull up one person’s file and see years of financial planning and counseling work that we’ve done with them as well as their homeownership purchase information. Once they purchase a home, I have a complete view in one system. This is a major improvement in our ability to get the reports we needed to manage our programs effectively.”

– Kelsey Thompson, Housing Coordinator at Athens Land Trust.