We envision a network of engaged members who are committed to sustaining a shared measurement system, tracking common metrics, improving program delivery and program outcomes and sharing lessons learned.   We imagine a world with less paper, more coordination, more transparency and the ability to use evidence (data) to drive program practice.

We value the input of our members; we are truly driven by what functionality will best serve the affordable homeownership program community. In fact the vast majority of functional changes to HomeKeeper, from large-scale features to small cosmetic changes, are implemented at the request of our users. This user-driven approach is unique in the industry and ensures that we are in touch with the best possible product for our member organizations.

Our Core Values:

  • Collaboration – HomeKeeper reinforces collaboration, discovery, and inspiration through member participation in a larger performance measurement ecosystem that includes a national performance database
  • Innovation – HomeKeeper is innovative. It engages in activities and implements software updates in anticipation of the current and future business needs of its members while removing impediments to the successful fulfillment of their missions.
  • Excellence – HomeKeeper engages its members and partners organizations so as to attract  the best people who create, enhance, evolve and support the software providing to members the  best product and services.
  • Community – HomeKeeper  is a member-centric, community driven organization that fosters a trusted environment for member and staff involvement and participation.

We Believe…

Data is more accurate and transformative when staff:

  • Rely on it to complete everyday tasks
  • See their data in comparison to peers
  • Have the ability to customize the information collected and reporting
  • Have the ability to ask and answer their own questions
  • Have opportunities to compare and share insights with peers and stakeholders