HomeKeeper Pricing

HomeKeeper is worth the cost. I do not know how a small active program could better invest a few thousand dollars

- HomeKeeper User

With your HomeKeeper subscription, your organization now gets access to both of our distinct Feature Sets, Homeownership and Housing Counseling!

HomeKeeper's fees are split into two parts: Onboarding Fees and Annual Fees. Upon signing, your organization will pay the Onboarding Fee + the Annual Fee, then only the Annual Fee each year thereafter. While the Onboarding Fee is fixed, the Annual Fee depends upon the number of units in your portfolio. See where you fit, as well as more details on what those fees cover, below!

HomeKeeper Onboarding FeeNonprofitStandard (Government Entities, For-Profit Institutions)
Homeownership + Housing Counseling + HUD Connect$ 4,000$ 6,000
Homeownership + Housing Counseling$ 3,500$ 5,200
Homeownership$ 3,000$ 4,500
Housing Counseling + HUD Connect$ 3,000$ 4,500
Housing Counseling$ 2,500$ 3,750
HomeKeeper Onboarding Fee (one-time) includes:
  • HomeKeeper Getting Started Survey & Meeting
  • Initial setup & configuration
  • Assessment of data migration needs
  • Default of frequently used fields
  • Orientation training, including 90-minute live sessions (recorded for future use)
  • Initial connection setup to the HomeKeeper National Data Hub

The Onboarding Fee does not include: full data migration, advanced customization, multi-program setup, multi-layout setup. Also referred to as "Enrollment Fee".

HomeKeeper Annual Participation FeeNonprofitStandard (Government Entities, For-Profit Institutions)
0-50 units$ 2,600$ 4,600
51-150 units$ 2,850$ 5,250
151-250 units$ 3,150$ 5,875
251-500 units$ 3,400$ 6,300
501-750 units$ 3,650$ 7,350
751-1000 units$ 4,200$ 8,400
HomeKeeper Annual Fee (yearly) includes:
  • Access to Knowledge Base and forums
  • Ability to suggest ideas and new functionality upgrades
  • Access to HomeKeeper and new versions as released (approx annually)
  • Online webinars and office hours (monthly)
  • Email Support
  • Annual performance benchmarking report for up to 5 programs

Annual Fee is not impacted by number of Salesforce Users. Also referred to as "Participation Fee".

Are you a HUD-approved Housing Counseling agency reporting to HUD? In addition to our Feature Sets above, you may want to purchase HUD Connect, our add-on that allows you to submit your 9902 reports directly to HUD.

NonprofitStandard (Government Entities, For-Profit Institutions)
HUD Connect Fee (yearly) includes:
  • Configuration with HCS connection testing
  • 1-hour hands-on training
  • Reports/List views for data monitoring and completeness
  • Regular upgrades, maintaining compliance with HUD requirements
  • Ongoing email support for submission errors
Take your next step with HomeKeeper

We now offer customized technical assistance to help you make the most of HomeKeeper! Whether you are a brand new user or an existing participating organization, Advanced Support might be for you if you and your colleagues want to:

  • Become more confident and competent users
  • Survive staff turnover with an easy transition
  • Turn your data into actionable dashboards
  • Make your job easier with workflow tips
Package 1 (8 hours)Package 2 (4 hours)
What do you want to do?

Our HomeKeeper team combines expertise in Salesforce and affordable housing and housing counseling programs. We can help you with a range of custom support and training needs, including:

  • Quick start training for staff new to HomeKeeper
  • Personalized training on basic HomeKeeper features
  • Assistance preparing data and/or submitting your quarterly HUD report
  • Advanced support to create custom reports and dashboards
  • Upgrading your account to the latest HomeKeeper version
What’s included?

As part of this service, you can expect:

  • An initial assessment of your current usage.
  • A kick-off meeting to prioritize your needs and map out a training and/or customization plan.
  • Individual in-depth support, training and/or technical assistance to meet your goals.
  • A closeout summary of what was accomplished and links to related resources, including links to recordings of any trainings completed.
  1. Hours must be completed within 60 days of payment receipt.
    A Service Agreement must be signed prior to commencement.
  2. More than one user can participate, but there must be a single designated point of contact for the duration of the engagement.
  3. For advanced services, including data migration, building out additional features, or implementing third-party solutions, consider working with a third-party consultant familiar with HomeKeeper.
  4. Individual support questions can still be directed to support@myhomekeeper.org or brought to our Office Hours. This offering is for more customized support or training than what is currently offered as part of your annual support fee.
  5. No refunds will be given for unused hours.

Are you a coalition interested in acquiring HomeKeeper for your network? Contact us info@homekeeper.org.