See what HomeKeeper has to offer:    

Find anything, faster.

With a global search bar, you can search your property records, home buyer files, grants and loans and contact records with one simple search.   Finding your files has never been easier.

See what matters

With our fully customizable dashboards, you can quickly access snapshots of your data in real-time.   Easily spot trends, monitor progress, measure outcomes and identify issues needing your attention. Stay on top of your monitoring and compliance activities by tracking occupancy certifications, insurance coverage, and delinquencies and more.  

Automate your to-dos.

Track the progress of applicants and owners from inquiry through purchase, monitoring and resale.   Instantly see what still needs to be done and create automatic tasks and reminders to help move things along faster.

Applicant Tracking

Keep track of all of your Applicant information, including: Household Members, Income Sources, Assets, Debts, and Homebuyer Funding Sources.

Guided Workflow

Follow homebuyers from start to finish and store key transaction information.

Consolidated Information

Manage all of your properties in once place, including Appraisal details, Property Taxes and Assessed Values, Development Costs, Improvements/Adjustments and Subsidy Allocations.