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As you all know, HomeKeeper is a program of Grounded Solutions Network, a national nonprofit membership organization of community land trusts, local governments, nonprofit organizations, national networks, community development finance organizations and health advocacy organizations, and more. Our mission is to cultivate communities — equitable, inclusive and rich in opportunity — by advancing affordable housing

HomeKeeper 2022 Pricing Update

As HomeKeeper celebrates 10 years of making your jobs easier and your programs better, we are thrilled that our tagline that has stood the test of time. We believe that when organizations see what works for others like them, it will influence the way they do things. This is why we work tirelessly to build

Who’s Who & Who’s New on the HomeKeeper Team 2022!

The HomeKeeper team continues to evolve to meet your needs! We’ve recently created two new roles to support our growing community of HomeKeeper users.  Please welcome Tess Parr who joined us in May as our new Technology Operations Analyst and Mike Mooney who is only in his second week as our new Product Management Associate!

Tony’s Takes: #PolicyPracticePower

Hello HomeKeeper Community, I hope this email finds you in good health and continued wellness as we return from an incredible time in Washington, DC together for #PolicyPracticePower, Grounded Solutions Network’s first national convening since 2019! The only national event dedicated to housing solutions with affordability that lasts for generations, the conference really was an

Opportunity Spotlight: Finding Mortgage Lender Partners

Has it been difficult for you to identify mortgage lenders ready to work with your homebuyers? We know that, particularly for programs with long-term affordability restrictions, finding mortgage lenders who understand your program and are willing to lend to your potential buyers can be a big challenge. Sometimes lenders are unfamiliar with unconventional legal agreements