In August 2023, HomeKeeper Consultant Cheryl Curry attended Lizz Hellinga’s presentation “Create Salesforce Adoption Success”, at the Salesforce Admin User Group in Boston, Massachusetts. This presentation provided timely reminders, and the latest best practices, on guiding users through Salesforce day-to-day. HomeKeeper Administrators and others can use these adoption techniques to empower staff daily to take advantage of the awesome solutions in HomeKeeper, or even custom solutions, to make staff’s jobs easier, and your programs better.

Presenter Lizz Hellinga highlighted the importance of having good field-level Help Text, to assist users on any page in entering better data. HomeKeeper was developed with detailed Help Text, written in collaboration with actual Homekeeper users. If you want to customize Help Text to better guide your users for adoption of custom fields or more, check out this article.

Another great Salesforce adoption tool that Hellinga highlighted is Learning Paths. It is free to design and assign Learning Paths to individual staff and/or teams. This is a great way to help Housing Counselors learn key Salesforce functionality to better use HomeKeeper – like how to use List Views, or access Reports.

The last tip we will highlight from Hellinga’s presentation – did you know that each Salesforce organization can create unlimited Prompts? These are customizable Small Window Popups. This Salesforce feature is available at no additional charge, and it can be a great way to answer FAQs about HomeKeeper features for users who login occasionally, or show off your local program customizations.

A Salesforce user group is an excellent way to learn from and connect with local people who also use Salesforce. Nonprofit-focused Salesforce user groups may be of special interest to HomeKeeper Participating Organizations. Find a User Group near you, or online here.

If you are attending Dreamforce 2023 from September 12-14, you can learn even more by attending Lizz Hellinga’s session on Wednesday Sept 13, “Drive Adoption Success and Unlock End-User Engagement”.

If you aren’t attending Dreamforce 2023, or want to learn more later, enroll in Lizz Hellinga’s free course “Create Salesforce Adoption Success” for an overview of this valuable Salesforce adoption content.


By Cheryl Curry, HomeKeeper Consultant