As you all know, HomeKeeper is a program of Grounded Solutions Network, a national nonprofit membership organization of community land trusts, local governments, nonprofit organizations, national networks, community development finance organizations and health advocacy organizations, and more. Our mission is to cultivate communities — equitable, inclusive and rich in opportunity — by advancing affordable housing solutions that last for generations. We promote housing solutions that will stay affordable for generations so communities can stabilize and strengthen their foundation, for good. We connect national and local expertise; bringing together the networks, knowledge and support needed to build inclusive communities. Grounded Solutions Network champions evidence-based policies and strategies that work. We help our members, partners and elected officials use them to establish inclusive communities that have diverse housing options for a variety of incomes, offering choice and opportunity for all residents – both today and for future generations.


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2022 has been a challenging year across the board, but Grounded Solutions Network’s 262 Members continue to have wins and gains to celebrate. Here is a small sample of what has captured our attention over the past year: 

  • With an initial investment of $14 million, the Pilot CLT Partnership Program in Los Angeles County preserved eight multifamily properties with a total of 43 residential units, enabling 10 individuals to live in stabilized affordable housing.
  • UHAB was selected by Morgan Stanley, out of 450 applicant groups, to participate in their 2022 Strategy Challenge resulting in support for taking UHABs co-op incubator national.
  • The Oakland Planning and Development Corporation launched a program providing grant funds to BIPOC homebuyers to address the racial homeownership gap in their community.
  • City of Lakes CLT brought their 350th home into trust.
  • Irvine CLT sold the first home in their 68-unit new construction townhome development.
  • Albany Community Land Trust completed the gut renovation on a home that resulted in their first all electric

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