We know – Salesforce is a big, complicated tech BEAST! There are more features and functions than you could ever hope to learn. The good news is that you don’t have to! All you need to know is where the information you are responsible for goes, and that there are tools to make it easier.

To that end, your HomeKeeper Team has assembled a list of tips that will help you master the two most important fundamental skills for utilizing your new HomeKeeper app: 1) “Getting Around” or, learning to navigate and 2) Understanding Your Data.

Step 1: Getting Around

One of the biggest hurdles for new HomeKeeper users, especially those who aren’t particularly tech-oriented, is finding their way around. We all have full schedules, so entering data needs to be quick and simple. If you can’t figure out where to enter something in your new HomeKeeper app, most likely you will simply continue to use the old folder or spreadsheet you’ve always used because you know where it is – and who could blame you?! But in that scenario, you’re missing out on all of the benefits that your new HomeKeeper app has to offer! So, here are a few tips that will allow you to enter your data into HomeKeeper quickly and move on with your day.

  1. Leverage bookmarks and desktop shortcuts to your most visited website pages.
  2. Know your keyboard shortcuts. Here is a short list of helpful Windows Shortcuts:
    • Ctrl F = Search the page using key words
    • Ctrl C = Copy
    • Ctrl V = Paste
    • Alt Tab = Switch between open apps.
    • Ctrl Z = Undo an Action
    • PgUp = Scroll to the previous section
    • PgDn = Scroll to the top of the next page
  3. Use the split screen function on your computer.
  4. Bookmark this HomeKeeper help article that explains what each Object is for.
  5. Finally, make your instance match your workflow! Ask for your Admin’s help to edit your layouts so that fields are listed in the order that you use them, minimizing scrolling and jumping around.

Step 2: Understand Your Data
To really get the most out of your HomeKeeper app, you need to understand the data you are entering, how to access it and how to report on it. Consistency and curiosity are key! Here are a few tips on making sure your data is reliable and can tell your organization’s story.

  1. Data standards! Work with your team to put standards in place so that everyone knows what fields are the most important to enter for your reports. Be consistent about what gets entered and when.
    • Be sure to document your workflow process for training future staff. How does your role use HomeKeeper? Which fields do you use? When should certain information be added, and where do you find it?
  2. Keep a tech glossary.
  3. Learn to use Reports and List Views to clean your data and help make your job easier. Make sure to check out our newsletters each month for data hygiene tips!
  4. Use Dashboards to visualize your data.
  5. Attend a Q&A Session with us!

We hope this was helpful! As always, if you have questions feel free to reach out to us at support@myhomekeeper.org!


By Lindsey Griggs, HomeKeeper Training & Support Senior Specialist