In November 2019, the HomeKeeper team attended Dreamforcethe annual Salesforce conference.

We joined 190,000+ attendees from all over the world, to learn about new innovations and tools that will help our HomeKeeper user organizations make an impact using Salesforce.

The HomeKeeper team has these takeaways and resources for our user organizations to help make your jobs easier and programs better.

A Unique Time for Nonprofits Using Salesforce

This was the first Dreamforce conference since was integrated into Salesforce in April 2019. Many sessions spoke about the emerging Nonprofit Cloud solutions, including a roadmap session where presenters shared they are “extending the open source NPSP data model,” so stay tuned. A great way for NPSP users to stay informed is the Power of Us Hub community group.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud staff also affirmed, “we want to hear from nonprofits – please bombard us with your questions!” Consider this message when you receive a call from a Salesforce Account Executive, or submit a challenge to the Impact Labs today. As HomeKeeper knows, small and medium organizations have unique challenges, and your voice could influence how Salesforce evolves for nonprofits.

74% of nonprofits have challenges capturing and managing accurate constituent data

Integrations, Partnership, and Apps, oh my!

Tableau speaks on effective use of charts


With Salesforce partnerships from Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services, plus the Salesforce acquisition of Tableau (which HomeKeeper relies on), an organization using Salesforce can expect more opportunities with the technical solutions they choose to purchase and implement.

In a session on Salesforce apps recommended for nonprofits, UK-based Homeless Link shared their lessons learned when they used and customized pre-built solutions for business challenges. Their process is similar to the experience of a motivated HomeKeeper user organization..

Recommended apps by Homeless Link

Dreamforce is a Great Place to Meet

HomeKeeper always attends events to support Amplify, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering underrepresented voices in the ecosystem. We were inspired by stories at the annual breakfast, and by the technical solution created by Amplify and partners, which raised nearly $6k at Dreamforce 2019!

We were delighted to meet with one of our power users, Blaine Cowart, Sr. Director of Homeowner Services at Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, and the Coastal Cloud consulting team that led their HomeKeeper customizations. We look forward to sharing more about this exciting HomeKeeper implementation!

HomeKeeper team with Blaine of Dallas Area Habitat
Coffee with Coastal Cloud, and Dallas Area Habitat










Learning has Never Been Easier with Trailhead GO!

Since 2014, Salesforce has hosted an interactive learning tool called Trailhead. As HomeKeeper has pointed out, Trailhead is a valuable free tool to strengthen your program and career. With the new Trailhead GO! app, you can learn Salesforce skills that reinforce your use of HomeKeeper from an iOS mobile device. HomeKeeper has recommended learning on Trailhead, whether you want to review Salesforce basics, or plan a program’s transition to Lightning.

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