Ready to do more with HomeKeeper or Salesforce?

HomeKeeper provides users with an array of training and support services to help you be a successful HomeKeeper user. Through our Support Forum articles, ticketing system, and robust training calendar, you always have easy access to the resources you need. If you need more customized training or assistance, we can provide that too. In addition to HomeKeeper support, Salesforce has a large online community for nonprofits that you can turn to for advice. There’s even a robust learning platform so you can build new skills.

But what if you’re ready to do more with HomeKeeper or need advanced features or integrations with Salesforce?

While you could become a Salesforce expert, the learning curve could be steep and the process time-consuming, especially if you don’t have a dedicate to Salesforce administrator on staff.  Instead, we recommend hiring a consultant who can bring capacity and expertise. Seeking professional help is particularly encouraged if your organization:

  • Wants advanced customizations specific to the organization or program beyond what is provided as part of our custom installation and on-boarding
  • Has a complex migration of legacy data from multiple systems into HomeKeeper
  • Desires new required functionality, currently not met by existing HomeKeeper features
  • Needs assistance migrating customizations to the Salesforce Lightning user interface
  • Implementation of other Salesforce apps, like the the Nonprofit Success Pack, Salesforce’s grant management features, or Volunteers for Salesforce, for volunteer management
  • Needs your Salesforce or HomeKeeper account to integrate with other systems


Ready to hire a consultant? Visit our consultants page to learn more about our alliance partners.