With the New Year always come new resolutions for things we hope to do better – eat better or work harder. As your new year starts, what is your housing organization’s resolution for the year? If you have a resolution to better tell your organization’s impact, then this blog post is for you.

Below are three easy steps you can take to better tell your story in the new year.

    1. Determine which metrics help to tell your organization’s story the best – our Data Collection Checklist  can help your organization to determine what metrics you would like to track as well as what the best practices are for collecting data.  When practitioners collect the same data in the same way, we can more accurately measure the impact of the sector at national level.
    2. Find a database that works for your organization to track data – Every organization has different needs when looking for a database which will allow your organization to steamline processes and reporting. We built HomeKeeper on the Salesforce platform for a few reasons that we knew would be helpful for our users: 1)you can logon from anywhere; 2)you can updated the database with clicks and not code; and 3) reporting is easy to use. The Salesforce Foundation also provides 10-free user licenses to approved nonprofits. When moving to a new database it will be a process and will take time, but with time you will be able to run a more effective program. To see the progression most of our users take when moving to HomeKeeper, check our this blog post.
    3. Use Reports and Dashboards to better tell your story – once you are up and running with a program that meets your needs and your data is in the new program, it is time to start using your data to tell your story. HomeKeeper includes many dashboards that allow our organizations to quickly report on important metrics. HomeKeeper also has a National Data Hub where organizations can benchmark how well their program is doing compare to other similar programs.

If you are an organization looking for a better way to tell you story and are interested in learning more about how HomeKeeper can help you make the transition to better data, please contact us.

Happy 2018!