Striving for Racial Equity with HomeKeeper

HomeKeeper has made it much easier for us to see how the racial and ethnic makeup of our homebuyer education attendees and homeowners compares to local, state and national numbers. That knowledge will help us make decisions about how to improve equity as we move forward,” explains Fearing. By Lorraine Wilde For small nonprofits like

Telling your Story with Data: COVID-19 Considerations

Webinar Recap Tracking program activities, interventions and cases related to the COVID-19 pandemic is essential for shared equity homeownership programs to better support individuals and families, as well as strengthen and advance your program’s mission. What data stories will you tell about this unprecedented era? We recently hosted a Grounded Solutions Network webinar as part

Ten Steps to Better Data Stories

Using creativity, patience, and inspiration you can start to sort through the mountain of your data to bring out meaningful and compelling data-driven narratives.  Over the last 10 years, the HomeKeeper team has been gathering data from the field to further sector research and articulate the impressive outcomes of shared-equity homeownership programs. We’ve also been

HomeKeeper Presents on “Leaders in Housing Counseling” Webinar

As part of NHRC’s webinar series “Leaders in Housing Counseling”, HomeKeeper Program Director Tiffany Eng presented on the importance of COVID-19 tracking and how it will prove helpful–for the sector as a whole–as we move through these unprecedented times. You can watch the presentation here. Tiffany also dug into this topic in her HomeKeeper blog

The Case for Tracking COVID-19 Related Counseling Cases

Grounded Solutions Network’s HomeKeeper team is encouraging homeownership programs and housing counseling agencies to track activities and cases related to the current pandemic. Doing so will help program staff better support individuals and families, and strengthen our ability to advance sector goals at the local and national level. This information was also shared on a

HomeKeeper Users Presenting in Webinar: Understanding the Performance of Shared Equity Homeownership Programs

On Wednesday, 9/18/19, two HomeKeeper participating organizations will participate as presenters in “Understanding the Performance of Shared Equity Homeownership Programs”, a free webinar offered as part of Grounded Solutions Network’s Training Institute Online. Register for this webinar to hear the findings from the most comprehensive performance evaluation of shared equity homeownership programs conducted to date.

HomeKeeper Data Published in a Working Paper on Shared Equity Homeownership

In case you missed it, the Lincoln Land Institute recently published a new working paper in partnership with  Grounded Solutions Network based on shared equity homeownership program data aggregated in our HomeKeeper National Data Hub. The paper, Tracking Growth and Evaluating Performance of Shared Equity Homeownership Programs During Housing Market Fluctuations is the largest and