In September 2018, the HomeKeeper team attended Dreamforcethe annual Salesforce conference. We joined 170,000 attendees from all over the world, to learn about new innovations and tools that will help our HomeKeeper user organizations make an impact using Salesforce.

The HomeKeeper team has these takeaways and resources for our user organizations to help make your jobs easier and programs better.

HomeKeeper at the 2018 Amplify Breakfast, Dreamforce 2018

The HomeKeeper app in your Salesforce is a starting point to do amazing things!

Habitat Greater San Francisco was highlighted at the Nonprofit Keynote, where their staff Lauren Shaughnessy shared how they use the Nonprofit Success Pack, HomeKeeper, and other apps to be an impact-first nonprofit. Learn how Habitat Greater San Francisco uses Salesforce in this case study. Habitat Greater San Francisco also presented on their partnership with a Salesforce architect through the Salesforce Pro Bono Program. Through hard work on both sides of this partnership, they created a dynamic, interactive and scalable tool to analyze 10 years of their services throughout the state of California.

Habitat California can now answer questions with this Einstein Analytics tool

Shaughnessy showed how she uses what they built to answer important questions about funding, demographics and more, in real time, such as how many homeowners in a county attended high school. This solution used data tracked in HomeKeeper, combined with external spreadsheets and Salesforce Einstein Analytics Studio.

Small companies and nonprofits are planning their Lightning migration

Salesforce introduced their Lightning user interface in 2016, and more and more user organizations are making the switch. Dreamforce 2018 was full of staff, project managers, developers and more sharing what they learned (and what they wished they’d known) before migrating to Lightning.

HomeKeeper is excited to become a Lightning ready app in 2018, and will be sharing resources to help our user organizations who choose to switch to Lightning.

Nonprofit options in Salesforce keep growing

Over 3,000 nonprofits attend Dreamforce. The Product Roadmap highlighted resources and plans to continue expanding their Nonprofit Cloud. To help track fundraising, Salesforce offers the Lightning Batch Gift Entry tool in NPSP, as well as the Data Storage Optimizer to intelligently archive opportunity data over a long period of time. staff noted that 85% of nonprofits polled by Salesforce said using pro bono services for IT helps them more effectively deliver on their mission. If your organization has a 10-20 hour project in Salesforce where you could use assistance, apply for the Salesforce Pro Bono Program (and let us know if you build on HomeKeeper in your solution!)

Overall, this session pointed out the challenge of making repeatable solutions, since organizations are different worldwide. Using scaleable program management solutions like HomeKeeper help meet the unique needs of nonprofits to amplify their impact.

If you’re a nonprofit using HomeKeeper on Salesforce, check out these free resources:

Extend your HomeKeeper usage with other Valuable apps

Staff from a mid-size nonprofit shared how he takes advantage of ready-made solutions in the session AppExchange for Nonprofits. HomeKeeper users took the first step to track their programs more easily by installing HomeKeeper in their Salesforce. As your program grows, the easiest way to scale up capacity (fast) is to take advantage of additional apps. Some apps are free, while many offer discounts for nonprofits (just like HomeKeeper). Explore the AppExchange, or check out these recommendations from Dreamforce presenters and the HomeKeeper team:

You don’t have to attend in person to learn from Dreamforce

  • Watch highlights from 2018 at or 2018 Nonprofit Dreamforce videos
  • Check the Salesforce website for recordings of sessions you’re interested in, they’ll be up soon! You can also see the sessions from DF 2017, which has videos up now!
  • If you want to experience Dreamforce in person, save the date for 2019: November 19-22
HomeKeeper team at DF18, with users Lauren Shaughnessy (Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco), Tom Tosuksri (CHN Housing Partners), and having fun!