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Cloud Maven has recently partnered with HomeKeeper and the Credit Reporting Services (a national credit reporting agency) to create a credit reporting application in Salesforce that seamlessly pulls credit reports into HomeKeeper.

We took some time to speak with Cloud Maven and Credit Reporting Services about this new product, Credit Checker.




What are the main features of the product?

Credit Checker is a 3rd party application on Salesforce which can run credit reports from any Standard or Custom object on the platform. With Credit checker, users can:

  • Pull real-time credit reports from all major credit bureaus including tri-merge credit reports,
  • Complete automatic credit pulls that refresh based on user imputed intervals (ex. 30 days, 60 days, 180 days)
  • Complete Soft and Hard inquiries using multiple subscriber codes.
  • Pull a credit report without SSN or SIN.
  • Archive credit reports as needed per user company policies.
  • Review extensive data for analytics to make accurate credit decisions.


The application is potentially a good fit for HomeKeeper users which run multiple credit reports for their housing counseling or homeownership clients.

Can you explain how the Credit Checker is setup?

In order to get setup with Credit Checker, users will need to sign an agreement with Cloud Maven Inc. (for the Salesforce application) and Consumer Credit Reporting, Inc. (for credit-pulling services). Once the agreement is in place, users will then have Credit Checker installed and configured in their Salesforce instance.

Once the application is installed and configured, users have the ability to make changes to how the application is setup through Credit Checker’s Admin Setup Console. This console puts users at a distinct advantage as changes can be made to the app within minutes without having to contact the application directly. You can easily update what kinds of credit pulls are done, what credit reporting fields will live on your page layouts and schedule how often automatic pulls are done.

To learn more about the steps involved in setting up the application, check out their post installation guide here. 

What does it cost for this product?

Cost for the Credit Checker application is $200 per month for for-profit companies, but the application also offers non-profit discounts. For more information on pricing for your organization, please contact Credit Checker directly here.

Is there anything that you want organizations to know before adding credit reporting to HomeKeeper?

By forming this alliance between our company and Cloud Maven, we have been able to identify and solve for current deficiencies when it comes to ordering and importing credit reports. We have perfected accurate trade-line merging that will eliminate the need to manually review and correct duplicates. This enhanced functionality results in accurate DTI calculations for every customer.

We also provide 24/7 hotline support to insure any problems you may encounter will be addressed in a timely manner. Credit Reporting Services is successfully working with a Homekeeper user currently that appreciates these enhancements as it has made their ability to help their clients more efficient.


* If you would like to add this product, contact Kris Casariego at Credit Reporting Services. Please note that the credit reporting functionality through Credit Checker is not a standard HomeKeeper feature included in annual HomeKeeper participation fees.