This report is a companion piece to the Self Assessment Tool of Stewardship Standards for Homeownership Programs, from Grounded Solutions Network, originally created as a joint publication of the Cornerstone Partnership and the National Community Land Trust Network. Information in the report was generated
from your responses to the Self Assessment Tool, and is organized to give you both a broad overview of which practices you have implemented, and a detailed breakdown of practices you have prioritized for you program to work on.

Information in this report can help your program to:

  • See at a glance areas where the program is performing at a high level and areas where it could work to incorporate essential practices;
  • Prioritize areas the program should focus on now, which could inform staff and board annual work plans; and,
  • Identify program strengths and successes that can be shared with donors, funders, and members.

The report provides an overview of the program’s current status in implementing program practices outlined in the Stewardship Standards for Homeownership Programs. Practices are organized to show whether implementation is complete, incomplete, or not started.

*Note that practices identified as “N/A” or “Not a Goal” will not be listed in this report.