HomeKeeper, a program of Grounded Solutions Network, will be presenting and exhibiting at the 2016 Intersections Conference in Park City, Utah September 26-29. If you are attending the conference, we would love to connect with all current and prospective HomeKeeper users!

Ways you can connect

HomeKeeper Add-On Day

On Monday, September 26, we will be doing a day-long training on how to use HomeKeeper. This is a great training for new staff at organizations using HomeKeeper and current staff that was to learn new tricks. To register for the training, go to our conference registration.

Bi-annual HomeKeeper member Meeting

After the HomeKeeper Add-in Day training we will be having our bi-annual member meering. At this meeting, we will share future plans for HomeKeeper and share current member ideas and insights. The meeting will be help on Monday, September 26 at 4.

Attend the “Turning Program data into Actionable Insights” session

This is a hands-on session to help you learn how to make your data talk and tell your organization’s impact stories. This session will be held on Tuesday, September 27 at 11.

Schedule at 1-1 coaching Session

For existing users, we’d love to check in, answer your questions and see you face to face! 1-1 meetings will take place at our booth in the Next Level Lounge, unless otherwise agreed upon. Register here for a 1-1 session.

Schedule a Demo

Contact us to get a 1-1 intrduction HomeKeeper if you’re interested in making managing your program easier! Demos will take place at our booth in the Next Level Lounge, unless otherwise agreed upon.

HomeKeeper Breakfast Round Table

During breakfast on Tuesday, September 27, there will be a HomeKeeper table. We would love to have current members join us for breakfast and share HomeKeeper stories.

Tell us what works for you!

If you can’t seem to find us, or want to schedule a time to meet, email us your number and some times to meet at

We hope to see you at the 2016 Intersections Conference this fall!