I have been working with various data collMNCLTNection tools and contact software for the past fifteen years, both custom and off the shelf. I was pleased to be included in selection process that resulted in using the Salesforce platform for the ultimate creation of HomeKeeper.

Cornerstone Partnership,   NPower and the users have done an outstanding job of creating a user friendly system that captures needed data while providing the practical management tools   for land trust organizations.

From a regional perspective, this system has the potential to deliver low cost and clean data for us to tell our story to funders and the public. Coupled with national roll up data, funders will be able to see such things as return on investment, trends and accountability measures. My experience with other data collection systems is that they often fall short because they do not provide the incentive for users to use them on a daily basis. This system
is successful because the users built it, use it in their daily management duties and continue to improve it as they move forward.

It is often hard for nonprofits to stop what they are doing (serving the public) and to learn a new system. The support that has been provided has been incredible. They have built a very respectable library for the day to day users but they also provide accessible and affordable personal assistance.

This CRM system has so many benefits that it could revolutionize our industry. I am grateful to Salesforce for having such a strong commitment to the nonprofit community and to Cornerstone Partnership for having the foresight to take this to the next level.

There are really no limits to what we can accomplish with this tool.

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