Ali Sheibani

Habitat for Humanity Seattle – King County

HomeKeeper provided us with a single source of information on our families and properties. The added benefit is our ability to filter families and homes by demographics, income, and size. The reporting function is the most useful part.

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Anna Dolmatch

Housing Planner – City of Cambridge

It’s an intuitive program that is easy to start using. We had evaluated other software options–because we are a municipal function we went through formal procurement process–and HomeKeeper was by far the most “common sense” to pick up and quickly use. You can customize HomeKeeper to your needs.

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David Ogunsanya

Program and Stewardship Manager

Since adoption,   HomeKeeper has become “an indispensable application” for us. We no longer have multiple spreadsheets managing all the information. It has simplified our operation with more accurate real-time information. The data was useful for identifying gaps in our investment side and has lead to partnerships that impact our targeted demographics

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Lisa Byers – Opal CLT

As an Executive Director, I strive to track the volume of activity–how many inquires do we have for our services? How many people have we served with what services? etc.   I also need to keep our Board of Trustees informed about how we are serving our community.   Before HomeKeeper, staff members spent 1 to 2 hours each month on reports inventorying data about our service levels. Now I can see that data instantly in a Dashboard on my computer, and I can drill down for more details on our applicants, our waiting list, the status of sales and resales.

What I am most excited about is that my organization is now much less vulnerable to loss of information that might result from key staff members departures.   There are so many pieces of data on each property, each person, each transaction, and now that information is all stored in one place, instead of a mix of paper files and spreadsheets.

Cheryl Key

Rochester Area Foundation – First Homes

Hallelujah for HomeKeeper!

HomeKeeper is a fully functional, top rate software program that has captured the process of Community Land Trust Homeownership and automated it skillfully. I am thankful that I can sit down and input data without dozens of calls to a support line or to hours of reading help screens or manuals.   Your customer support and assistance is excellent, prompt and courteous!   I would recommend HomeKeeper to all Community Land Trust organizations. It is the perfect program for every stage of CLT Homeownership. Please see my attached testimonial for more details on my HomeKeeper experience.