CLT.logoHomeKeeper is worth the cost. I do not know how a small active program could better invest a few thousand dollars.

HomeKeeper is my daily workflow tool. I use it to track site inspections and activity on both properties and client files. The way that HomeKeeper links the property and the service files together is essential. I no longer rely on multiple disparate spreadsheets. Once you set HomeKeeper up in a way that works for your program, the information you may need at any time is automatically linked. While you must allot staff time to learn the software, there probably isn’t another software program out there that will work as well. Salesforce/HomeKeeper is very adaptable.

By working with HomeKeeper, one becomes accustomed to how one should manage a community land trust. The processes developed by more experienced community land trusts are built into the program. These processes act as a general guide for a new organization.

HomeKeeper is more than HomeKeeper. It is an appendage of Salesforce, which is free for small nonprofits. This means that one can do more than just HomeKeeper with HomeKeeper. For example, I recently created a homeowner support portal on* This links to Salesforce, and thus HomeKeeper. I have several apps that sync my mobile phone to all my contacts in Salesforce and allow me to view all my property information on the go. Most of this is provided free of charge.

* is free for one user and 80% off for nonprofits for all services above and beyond.

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