Overview of Benefits

When you start using HomeKeeper , you help your affordable housing organization and contribute to building a better community of affordable housing organizations.

You gain relevant data drawing from over 35 affordable housing organizations, targeted advice, and a network of peers who share your interests.

HomeKeeper members are a diverse group of organizations interested in sharing knowledge and developing best practices.

  • Gauge Your Programs Performance
  • Inform Policy Changes
  • Explore Innovative Ideas

HomeKeeper provides tremendous value for you, your programs and your organization.    To date, we have spent over $600,000. of grant funding to build a system that reflects your needs. We too are a non-profit, so funds raised from new memberships will go directly back into covering the costs of maintaining HomeKeeper and providing you with the support you need.

Follow homebuyers every step of the way, from inquiry through resale!  

  • Manage inquiries and waitlists
  • Keep track of demographics and individual information for each household member
  • Document gross and eligibility income by individual source
  • Applicant Assets and Debts tracking
  • Document referral and reference information
  • Purchase and Resale Transaction Details (HUD-1 data, appraisal information)
  • Documents details of homebuyer purchase and refinance loans
  • Itemize purchase funding sources, including loans from program funds to homebuyers
  • Counseling and Education tracking and HUD 9902 reporting for counseling agencies
  • Homebuyer post-post purchase monitoring and annual compliance tracking
  • Exit Survey documentation


Everything you’ve always wanted to know about your properties, at your fingertips!  

  • Document property details and characteristics
  • Retain neighborhood details and characteristics
  • Track changes in HOA dues and lease payments owed
  • Keep track of development costs, and construction/rehab scopes by contract, use, and/or vendor, and date
  • Preserve property appraisal data over time
  • Record annual assessed values and tax assessment histories
  • Itemize repair & property improvements made by homebuyers over time
  • Accessibility and Green building feature tracking
  • Track monitoring events associated with the property
  • Itemize grants, subsidies and loans allocated to each property


Improve your program by implementing effective practice strategies!

  • Certify gross and eligibility income and % of AMI
  • Capture buyer’s investment and seller’s returns at resale
  • Document annual occupancy certification and proof insurance verification
  • Tracks property and homebuyer subsidies over time by source
  • Track mortgage characteristics and refinancing activity
  • Capture and seamlessly submit national performance data
  • Create custom reports and dashboards to help improve your services and better manage properties, grants and loan activity


Get the support you need anytime at the online HomeKeeper forums and knowledge base!  

 Support Tab

Standard SalesForce Features


Take advantage of Salesforce.com’s robust features!  

  • High Performance Scalable Database
  • Flexible Search Engine
  • Multiple Users, Simultaneous (and Mobile) Access, Anywhere in the World
  • Each Organization Owns Its Database, Data and Relationship with Salesforce.com
  • Microsoft Office & Outlook integration. Google Docs and Apps integration.
  • Built-In mail merge and email merge
  • Easy access to your data, with no vendor lock-in
  • Shared calendars, task management, online document storage
  • Customizable layouts, permissions, user profiles ad access privileges
  • Access to thousands of applications on Salesforce’s appexchange.com

Centralize your organization’s contact database!  

  • Track contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.)
  • Communication tracking, monitoring and delivery
  • Business and interpersonal relationship tracking
  • Duplicate contact and business removal tools
  • Task, activity, and calendaring functionality

Manage your incoming grants, loans and donations!  

  • Track status, amount, date, reporting deadlines and requirements
  • Record payments received

Reporting and Dashboard Features  

  • Standardized, pre-configured reports
  • Drag and drop, point-n-click report builders for fully customizable reporting
  • Data export to comma delimited or Microsoft Excel files
  • Printable views and formatting
  • Programmable delivery schedules for reports-by-email
  • Customizable dashboards and data visualization tools