The Grounded Solutions Network staff will be exhibiting and presenting at the International Habitat for Humanity Conference this spring from March 27-30, 2017.

If you are interested in HomeKeeper or learning more about the resources Grounded Solutions Network provides,  we’d love to connect with you.  Here are a few options for finding us:

Attend our session – Wednesday February 29 @ 2:15pm – Grounded Solutions Network will be presenting a session called “Making the Case for Permanent Affordability”. Join us and learn how your affiliate can make permanently affordable units a reality.

Exhibit Hall –  Stop by our booth and learn how we can help you improve the way you manage your work with partner families. If you are a current HomeKeeper member come visit us for some conference goodies – we would love to check in and hear how your work with HomeKeeper is going and how we can provide additional training resources.

Schedule a demo — Contact us to get a 1-1 introduction to HomeKeeper if you’re interested in making managing your program easier! Demos will take place at our booth in the Exhibit hall, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Meet for coffee – If you just want to talk data, your current systems or how great working in affordable housing is,  contact us to meet us for coffee at the conference.

If you can’t seem to find us, or want to schedule a time to meet, email us your number and some times to meet at

We can also setup online demos post conference, if your conference schedules are packed.

Our organization recently partnered with Habitat for Humanity in their release of the 2017 Shelter report, which focuses on how affiliates can provide lasting affordability and subsidy retention to their portfolios. Check it out!

To learn more about how HomeKeeper can help your program, read our member testimonials. For more information on our members, check out our Membership page.