Follow homebuyers every step of the way, from inquiry through resale!

  • Manage inquiries and waitlists
  • Keep track of demographics and individual information for each household member
  • Track intake survey data
  • Document gross and eligibility income by individual source
  • Applicant Assets and Debts tracking
  • Document referral and reference information
  • Purchase and Resale Transaction Details (HUD-1 data, appraisal information)
  • Documents details of homebuyer purchase and refinance loans
  • Itemize purchase funding sources, including loans from program funds to homebuyers
  • Counseling and Education tracking
  • Homebuyer post-post purchase monitoring and annual compliance tracking
  • Track exit survey data and homeowner feedback

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about your properties, at your fingertips!

  • Document property details and characteristics
  • Retain neighborhood details and characteristics
  • Track changes in HOA dues and lease payments owed
  • Keep track of development costs, and construction/rehab scopes by contract, use, and/or vendor, and date
  • Preserve property appraisal data over time
  • Record annual assessed values and tax assessment histories
  • Itemize repair & property improvements made by homebuyers over time
  • Accessibility and Green building feature tracking
  • Track monitoring events associated with the property
  • Itemize grants, subsidies and loans allocated to each property

Improve your program by implementing effective practice strategies!

  • Certify gross and eligibility income and % of AMI
  • Capture buyer’s investment and seller’s returns at resale
  • Document annual occupancy certification and proof insurance verification
  • Tracks property and homebuyer subsidies over time by source
  • Track mortgage characteristics and refinancing activity
  • Capture and seamlessly submit national performance data
  • Create custom reports and dashboards to help improve your services and better manage properties, grants and loan activity

Take housing counseling to the next level!

In addition to the homeownership program management features listed above, our new housing counseling features include the ability for you to:

  • Manage all of your 1-1 housing counseling cases alongside your other homeownership program files
  • Collect detailed data on clients and their households
  • Track counselor activities and counselor trainings
  • Quickly audit files for completeness and correctness
  • Send agency information and quarterly reports directly to HUD
  • View counseling progress and activities in customizable dashboards and reports