Lisa Byers – Opal CLT

As an Executive Director, I strive to track the volume of activity–how many inquires do we have for our services? How many people have we served with what services? etc.   I also need to keep our Board of Trustees informed about how we are serving our community.   Before HomeKeeper, staff members spent 1 to 2 hours each month on reports inventorying data about our service levels. Now I can see that data instantly in a Dashboard on my computer, and I can drill down for more details on our applicants, our waiting list, the status of sales and resales.

What I am most excited about is that my organization is now much less vulnerable to loss of information that might result from key staff members departures.   There are so many pieces of data on each property, each person, each transaction, and now that information is all stored in one place, instead of a mix of paper files and spreadsheets.