Most homeownership programs start as the seed of an idea – an intrepid community leader hears about the innovation of the Community Land Trust, or a faith community comes together to start a Habitat for Humanity chapter in their area. They also usually start with a spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets are great–they sort information about applicants, properties or grants, but at a certain point they get unwieldy for a busy program. That’s why so many homeownership programs have started using HomeKeeper–it gives them flexibility, agility and data at their fingertips.

Usually the transition to HomeKeeper involves¬†more time with those spreadsheets, since they’re the main way you can import data into Salesforce and HomeKeeper. ¬†We’ve created a template that growing programs can use to prepare their property data for the transition, and to be sure they’re capturing the same metrics that larger programs are capturing.

Small programs can incorporate this template into current operations today to manage a smaller portfolio before you dive in to HomeKeeper, and programs just getting into HomeKeeper can use it to migrate their Property data into the system!

Download a copy and start using it today!