Congrats on your decision to become a HomeKeeper member. Let’s get you setup!

Please submit this form in order to grant your organization access to a 30-day Trial of Salesforce with an un-configured version of HomeKeeper. After you submit this form, you should receive two emails that contain instructions to complete your Salesforce signup process and proceed with the application process for the “Power of Us” program, required to transition your Salesforce instance from a 30-day trial to a full-featured instance with 10 free licenses.

Following approval for the Power of Us program, a representative from 501 Commons, the organization responsible for configuring HomeKeeper in accordance with your setup survey, will be in touch with next steps.

For full instructions for this step of the process, consult with the instructions on Zendesk. For an overview of the entire process, please visit Getting on Board with HomeKeeper.

Before submitting this form you or a representative from your organization should have completed your HomeKeeper agreement. Do not submit this form if your organization is already using Salesforce!

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