Cloud Maven, Inc. is a Salesforce ISV partner that helps non-profit organizations get the most value from their investments in tech, while mitigating the risks that come with change.

As the creators of Credit Checker, they have worked with several HomeKeeper Users to successfully implement the credit reporting application and are now bringing yet another new tool to our community with SMS & eFax Guru, a complete texting solution that works inside Salesforce!

Cloud Maven empowers organizations to boost their productivity, automate various business processes, and ultimately, nurture their bottom line with a variety of tech solutions.



What is it?

SMS & eFax Guru enables you to send and receive SMS & eFax right inside your Salesforce from any standard or custom object. The application provides Conversational SMS, Automated SMS, Bulk SMS & eFax. It has a wide variety of use cases and is designed to provide maximum returns at every stage, from reaching a new audience to engaging existing clients and collecting feedback on the services you provide.

SMS & eFax Guru is a native application and is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.


What are the main features of the product?

Bulk SMS: Convey your message, without any character limits, in personalized SMS with dynamic templates, automatically filtering contacts that do not have valid numbers.

Two-Way Conversational Texting: Respond to recipients with instant and accurate information. Customize the SMS workflow to include automated responses according to programmatic capacity/needs.

eFax: More user-friendly and cost-effective than traditional fax, automate your processes and send/receive eFax instantly from any Salesforce Object, supporting all file formats.

Other features include:

  • Send/Receive SMS & eFax directly from the Salesforce Mobile App.
  • Respond via SMS Inbox, without navigating to the specific record.
  • Utilize SMS opt-out, dark hours, incoming alerts, and delivery receipts.
  • Send highly customized surveys, feedbacks, polls via Automated Texting.
  • Assess campaign effectiveness and check sent/received/delivered in the SMS Dashboard.
  • All data is stored inside Salesforce, making it both reliable and secure.


How much does it cost?

SMS & eFax Guru starts at $125 per month for HomeKeeper Users, but for a limited time Cloud Maven is offering a FREE 3 MONTH TRIAL!


Want more information?

For more information, email