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Introducing the HomeKeeper National Data Hub Dashboard

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We’re excited to share with you our interactive HomeKeeper’s National Data Hub Dashboard. This online dashboard allows policymakers, researchers, and practitioners to explore social impact data on the performance of the affordable homeownership sector.

dataHub_graphic borderHomekeeper is a Salesforce.com based software tool built by Cornerstone Partnership to help long-term affordable homeownership programs manage their portfolios.  Over 65 organizations across the US are using HomeKeeper to manage over 100 different programs, including Community Land Trusts, deed restriction programs, shared appreciation loan programs, inclusionary housing programs, and Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives.  The HomeKeeper National Data Hub collects key transaction-level data from these programs, and analyzes it using standardized social impact metrics that were developed with feedback from over 100 experienced practitioners.    The results are disseminated back to users in a detailed Social Impact Report that allows them to evaluate their programs’ performance and more effectively tell their stories to funders and policymakers.

For the past two years, each organization that contributes data to this project has received a confidential report for their program, with benchmarking data that allows them to compare themselves to their peers.  In 2015, the report moved to an interactive platform that lets users drill down into their data using a series of filters, and compare their program’s performance to a custom-defined  peer group.    This provides richer insights and a context for interpreting the numbers in a meaningful and actionable way, so that staff and board members can make evidence-based decisions about program design and implementation.

Now, for the first time, we are making the aggregate data available in a Dashboard screenshotpublicly accessible interactive dashboard.  It’s designed to help policymakers, researchers, and practitioners assess the performance of the sector overall, and drill down using the customizable filters in order to answer specific questions about how performance varies across a diversity of market conditions, program types, regions, and demographic profiles.  For example, perhaps you want to compare returns on investment for different racial groups, and restrict your analysis to a specific income group during a specific time frame.

This dashboards  evaluates how well affordable homeownership programs are meeting the needs of underserved buyers and preserving affordability of homes as they resell.  Overall, it documents the sector’s success in expanding access to homeownership and balancing the need for wealth creation and affordability preservation across diverse local housing conditions and several market cycles.    But the possibilities for a more nuanced understanding of the sector’s performance are endless.  We invite you to interact with the data and share your insights with us.  Visit the dashboard now.  

This report was created with support from the National Community Land Trust Network, the  Lincoln Institute of Land Policy,  the Salesforce.com Foundation, The Ford Foundation and Morgan Stanley.

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