The HomeKeeper team hosted a Grounded Solutions e-learning webinar in June with the goal of helping attendees think more strategically about the partnerships between housing counseling and homeownership programs. View the recording online with the password: junepartners or download the slides. 

Effective partnerships form the backbone of program success; when homeownership programs and housing counseling agencies connect with one another, homeowners are well-served. During this session, we reviewed specific success stories of housing counseling programs and homeownership programs that are closely collaborating in order to prepare and assist first-time homebuyers. Grounded Solutions Network staff and the staff of the Athens Land Trust shared best practices for advising homebuyers, explored what’s working well in specific localities across the country, and invited participants to engage in a learning discussion. We explored how the close coordination of programs and referrals can set everyone up for success, so that the right information gets to the right folks at the right time.

This webinar featured two HomeKeeper users: Kelsey Thompson from Athens Land Trust and Stacey Horwitz from the City of Lakes Community Land Trust. The webinar also features a cameo from Denise Freeman, Counseling Director at the National Council on Agricultural Life and Labor (NCALL).