HomeKeeper History

HomeKeeper History
April 1

Hello Lindsey!

Lindsey Griggs joined the HomeKeeper team in a new Success Specialist role focused on onboarding new organizations.

March 16

Welcome Haley!

Haley Wotzka joined the HomeKeeper team  as the new Marketing and Outreach Specialist

January 24

Farewell Valerie

September 1

100 organizations using HomeKeeper!

March 15

New MyHomeKeeper.org Website Launched

November 15

HomeKeeper becomes Lightning Ready

September 27

HomeKeeper User part of the Dreamforce Nonprofit Keynote

Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco was one of two nonprofits featured. HomeKeeper was featured as the core of their program management app.

November 8

HomeKeeper Users Speak at Dreamforce 2017

August 15

Goodbye Liz, Welcome Cheryl!

Cheryl Curry join the team to fill the big shoes left by Liz Haney.

December 23

HUD Approved CMS

Responding to user requests, HomeKeeper finally becomes a HUD approved Housing Counseling System.