HomeKeeper History

HomeKeeper History
September 30

HomeKeeper’s HUD CMS approved for HUD FY 2022

HomeKeeper was the first HUD-certified CMS to be approved for HUD FY 2022 revisions and updates to the HUD 9902 report. Following the HUD announcement, these updates were made available in HomeKeeper version 2.7.

April 1

Welcome Tom!

Pahniti (Tom) Tosuksri became the Director of HomeKeeper, after using HomeKeeper since 2017 and working in housing for over 14 years. Tom is excited and proud to take over the role from Tiffany Eng.

January 15

Goodbye and thank you, Tiffany!

After 10+ years, the HomeKeeper team said farewell to Tiffany Eng as HomeKeeper’s Director. Tiffany made an incalculable impact in helping programs track data, tell stories & more.

August 11

Version 2.5 Released!

This version of HomeKeeper allows agencies and programs the option to add custom values to the demographic fields Race, Ethnicity or Primary Language Spoken. This feature could help represent communities more authentically, and allows staff to prepare reports using local terms, while still including program data in HUD reporting and the HomeKeeper National Data Hub. It also includes additional features to help track the impact of COVID-19 and other emergencies and disasters.


April 1

Hello Lindsey!

Lindsey Griggs joined the HomeKeeper team in a new Success Specialist role focused on onboarding new organizations.

March 16

Welcome Haley!

Haley Wotzka joined the HomeKeeper teamĀ  as the new Marketing and Outreach Specialist

January 24

Farewell Valerie

September 1

100 organizations using HomeKeeper!

March 15

New MyHomeKeeper.org Website Launched

November 15

HomeKeeper becomes Lightning Ready