Cornerstone Partnership’s Jenee Kresge, CityFirst Enterprises’ Stephen Seed and HomeKeeper’s Liz Haney at the 2015 Salesforce World Tour in Washington, D.C.



We were ecstatic to meet up with  the Salesforce team, as well as our own HomeKeeper users at Salesforce’s World Tour in DC on  May 28, 2015. The  World Tour has been a great chance to spark our imagination of the new possibilities that open up with each new Salesforce release, and this year we’re excited about upcoming changes with Analytics, plus Salesforce1’s mobile technology.

We’re always excited for the chances we have to connect with users, learn how they’re using HomeKeeper, how their programs are growing to scale and more! All that couldn’t be possible without the strength of the Salesforce  platform, and the generosity of the Salesforce Foundation.

In addition, we were happy to see that Jenee’s green dress and the green screen at the Salesforce Foundation‘s photoboth could  to express her love of Salesforce!