mug-shotFranklin Joyce of ElectricBaby Consulting is known for his innovative and creative Salesforce work and has worked with over ten HomeKeeper users including Habitat for Humanity Austin and Greater San Francisco. As Franklin has worked with Habitat affiliates, he’s found that most still rely on complicated, manually tallied paper receipts to track sweat equity for their partner families. These systems are difficult, inaccurate and a burden on both the volunteer and staff.


This led Franklin to build on top of HomeKeeper and Volunteers for Salesforce,  Sweat Equity Tracking for Habitats, an automated solution that swaps the frustrations / burdens of manual tracking with real-time dashboards for volunteers and staff. We took some time to interview him about his product.

What are the main features of the product?

Sweat Equity Tracking for Habitats helps partner families and affiliates to:

  • See exactly how many hours have been completed, sorted by family and friends, construction hours completed and monthly hour requirements
  • Stay motivated by estimating home completion date
  • Create automated emails celebrating achievements with families


When using Sweat Equity Tracking for Habitats, each family inputs their progress into a custom volunteer page. As staff confirms all volunteer hours completed for a shift, the system takes over. The tool automatically detects which hours are Habitat Family volunteer hours. To link non-family hours, Extended Family and Friends simply add the Family’s 4 digit Family ID on shift sign-up. This product gives Habitats more accurate and accountable information about families’ sweat equity and the ability to send emails to partner families to celebrate sweat equity milestones. A live demo of the tool can be found here.

Can you explain how the volunteer page is setup?

No bar graphs here. We built elegant dashboard components along side info-graphic style displays to allow families to see their up-to-date progress. Graphic designer Shannon Keegan illustrated the house frame which develops into a completed house as the families progress. Each plant indicates a month volunteering and a “for sale” sign is co-opted to show the estimated date of completion, which motivates homeowners to complete their hours quicker.

On average, what does it cost for this product?

For Habitats that have Volunteers for SalesForce and HomeKeeper configured – Sweat Equity Tracking for Habitats is a simple installation and costs just $2,000 (one-time fee). A sample scope of work can be found here.

Is there anything that you want Habitat affiliates to know before adding Sweat Equity Tracking for Habitats to their HomeKeeper?

Habitat Affiliates will also need to have the Volunteers for Salesforce and HomeKeeper for homeowners to be able to submit sweat equity hours and for staff to be able approve hours.


* If you would like to add this product, contact Franklin Joyce at ElectricBaby or Franklin can join your next HomeKeeper demo. Please note that Sweat Equity Tracking for Habitats is not a standard HomeKeeper feature included in membership. 

Franklin Joyce
 is an independent Salesforce consultant who consults with non-profits destined to change the world, but hindered by unreasonable form requirements and wildly difficult project scopes. You can find him on independent projects, working through Electricbaby Consulting and proudly pitching in on the HomeKeeper team.