Member Profile: How did Hello Housing save their staff 200 hours while processing 450 applications?

Recently we had the opportunity to interview a member of HomeKeepers’ FormAssembly working group, Matt Warner, Program Director for Hello Stewardship, a program of Hello Housing. He is responsible for determining applicant eligibility and coordinating the  loan process. His innovative online application process has saved at least 200 hours of staff time, provided more information

User Stories: The Importance of Building a Data Culture From the Start

HomeKeeper was designed to make it practical for homeownership programs to report on some of the most challenging but important long-term metrics; long term outcomes like the homeowner’s return on investment and the success of a program in maintaining the affordability of homes across multiple residents. But for many users, much simpler and immediately available

Member Profile: Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County discusses the benefits of storing data in one place

Recently we had the opportunity to interview Ali Sheibani, Habitat for Humanity’s family selection manager for Seattle-King County.  Seattle-King County’s Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing locally and worldwide through constructing, renovating and preserving homes; by advocating for fair and just housing policies; and by providing training and access to resources to

Member Profile: How the City of Cambridge is simplifying operations and managing waitlists with HomeKeeper

Recently we had the opportunity to interview Anna Dolmatch, Housing Planner in the Community Development Department for the City of Cambridge, a city of about 105,000 people. Briefly tell us about you and how you use HomeKeeper to quantify the impact of your department. I’ve worked here for about eight years and I oversee the

Member Profile: How City First Homes, Inc. is using HomeKeeper to eliminate spreadsheets and track everything

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview David Ogunsanya, the Program and Stewardship Manager at City First Homes, Inc. City First Homes is a nonprofit that helps make home ownership more affordable. City First Homes lowers the barrier to homes and becomes a stepping-stone to homeownership.     Briefly tell us about yourself and how

Got a minute? 3 great HomeKeeper stories in 3 minutes.

The Salesforce Foundation created these videos as part of a “Share Your Story” series to showcase how nonprofits are powering their work with Salesforce platform. Thank you to Julie, Jaclyn and Rick who shared their HomeKeeper stories.   Having access to such a powerful tool has revolutionized the way we do business…We not only do