Using Data to Advocate for Permanently Affordable Homeownership

In August 2015, Cornerstone Partnership released a public, interactive dashboard with aggregate data from the HomeKeeper National Data Hub. This online tool allows policymakers, researchers, and practitioners to explore key social impact data evaluating the performance of the affordable homeownership sector. Overall, the data affirms the stories we’ve been telling about the power of share-equity

7 hard questions that just got easier to answer

Download  Now! How do you measure your success? We recently published the  Social Impact Report Primer  for HomeKeeper users that received a Social Impact Report to help  program staff like you better measure impact, make your  case louder and manage your  programs better. Whether or not you’re a HomeKeeper member that has a Social Impact

User Stories: The Importance of Building a Data Culture From the Start

HomeKeeper was designed to make it practical for homeownership programs to report on some of the most challenging but important long-term metrics; long term outcomes like the homeowner’s return on investment and the success of a program in maintaining the affordability of homes across multiple residents. But for many users, much simpler and immediately available

Webinar: What are the stories your data is telling you?

Did you miss the webinar? Watch the recording now.    or view  the slides. Measuring social impact is complicated. Affordable homeownership programs navigate a diverse range of market and funding conditions and juggle multiple community needs. There is no bottom line. On this webinar we discuss  how you can interpret  program data in a way

What Counts: Harnessing Data for America’s Communities

What works to improve low-income communities? The book, What Counts: Harnessing Data for America’s Communities, a new volume of essays published jointly by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Urban Institute, argues that to answer this question we need to enhance the ways that we collect, use, and share data across institutions