Are you reporting the data about your program in a compelling way? Do you count outputs, or do you leverage data to deepen your message?  By identifying the stakeholders you want to reach, as well as the decisions they make, you can target your efforts, speak to their concerns and create visuals that last in their memory.


Your impact will be stronger if you’re able to identify the unique combination of interests and motives of  your stakeholders, whether they be board members, community members at large, or potential applicants.  HomeKeeper collects the data points you’ll want to measure a to appeal to their concerns. Even if you aren’t in HomeKeeper yet, you can collect meaningful data on a smaller scale and use the same process to identify stakeholders and their motivating metrics.

That’s why we’ve created a Homekeeper-compatible Turning Data into Dashboards Worksheet you can start using today.

Download the Worksheet NOW!



For more information on dashboards tailored for important audiences, HomeKeeper users should watch our webinar “Making Data Talk: How HomeKeeper Can Help You Tell a More Compelling Story.