HomeKeeper’s Support Forums have a new look! The new design makes it easier for all of our users to get answers to their questions. It doesn’t matter who you are, from frontline staff at a Habitat for Humanity affiliate, or a community land trust Executive Director, you’ll find answers here!

Because of changes in the Zendesk platform, we upgraded to their new Help Center product. It features a modern design and makes it easy for our internal support team to customize its look and feel. We spent substantial time getting things ready this June, but we’re excited to report we implemented the new help center only using internal staff to do the custom CSS, JavaScript and design needed to get up and running. We’re confident that our users will like it too!

The five features you should know about:

1. An improved search


Search is now the first thing you see when you go to! The search function is better than its been on our old web portal and it’ll search for answers from both documentation and from our community.

2. New learning pathways

dashboard learning pathway


You’ll see many more “lesson” type HomeKeeper resources over the next year. We’re calling them our HomeKeeper learning pathways. The first learning pathway we’ve introduced is called “Creating A HomeKeeper Dashboard Workbook” and it’ll walk you through creating a dashboard for your board, plus introduce some great reporting features along the way.

3. A revamped community section

communityThe new Community section on our HomeKeeper Support Forums makes it even easier to collaborate with other HomeKeeper users. The Community section includes places to:

  • Introduce yourself to other users
  • Find other users like you
  • See what questions have been answered in the past and post your own
  • Request new features and training topics

We hope to create a thriving virtual community, where we can users can trade ideas and tips, plus develop relationships with other staff doing similar work across the country.

4. A transparent product road map and space for your input


Member feedback drives HomeKeeper. We encourage user feedback and strive to incorporate features that will benefit all of our users. We ask users to submit their ideas for new features in the Feature Request section where you can get an idea from us of what features are planned for the future. You can submit your own ideas, vote for others and comment to give us more detail about where you believe the next version of HomeKeeper should go.

5. A new training calendar


The Support Forums includes a new Training Calendar that lets our users sign up in advance of our trainings, and to receive materials even if you miss a meeting. You’ll get reminders and follow up, plus can keep track of what trainings are coming soon!