Build Your Career Using HomeKeeper on Salesforce

HomeKeeper Skills are Marketable Skills When you’re entering program information into HomeKeeper, creating and placing custom fields, or finalizing a report, you are actually learning skills applicable to some of the top 10 jobs in the world. HomeKeeper is built on Salesforce, an incredibly popular CRM cloud technology, used worldwide by nonprofits, businesses, and places… Read More »

Dreamforce 2017: Tools to Strengthen Your Programs

In November 2017, the HomeKeeper team attended Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce conference. We joined 170,000 attendees from all over the world, to learn about new innovations, productivity tips, and making an impact. In addition to technical skill-building, Dreamforce highlighted thought leaders like Michelle Obama and others trailblazers focused on diversity in technology. Check out our highlights and access free… Read More »

The Key to Impact Measurement: Keep Moving Forward.

How is your organization incorporating impact measurement into your program design? If you’re wanting to do more, but aren’t quite sure where to get started, read on. We built HomeKeeper to help make your job easier and your programs better. Over the years we’ve cultivated a data-driven sector and a community of folks committed to… Read More »

Unclog Your Applicant Pipeline with these 5 Steps

Is your application more than 10 pages? Is your waitlist growing longer by the day? Become an effective applicant pipeline engineer in 5 steps.… Read More »

Make Faster, Better Reports! (Part II)

Oftentimes at our office hours, we highlight our top tips for users who are looking to make better reports, faster. Reports in Salesforce are the easiest way to leverage your data. They let you query, count and interpret all the information you’ve worked so hard to get in to HomeKeeper and Salesforce. There’s a lot to… Read More »

Free data tools you can use NOW before adopting HomeKeeper

Have you  outgrown your paper systems, but are not yet ready to adopt HomeKeeper? Here are 5 free tools you can start using today to get you on the path to better data management and faster reporting.  Whether you’re ready to become a HomeKeeper member next month or next year, these easy-to-use tools will help you… Read More »

Starter Spreadsheet to Manage Your Property Portfolio

Most homeownership programs start as the seed of an idea – an intrepid community leader hears about the innovation of the Community Land Trust, or a faith community comes together to start a Habitat for Humanity chapter in their area. They also usually start with a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are great–they sort information about applicants, properties… Read More »

Build Dashboards that Tell Compelling Stories

Are you reporting the data about your program in a compelling way? Do you count outputs, or do you leverage data to deepen your message?  By identifying the stakeholders you want to reach, as well as the decisions they make, you can target your efforts, speak to their concerns and create visuals that last in… Read More »

Make Reporting A Breeze with these 5 HomeKeeper Report Types

Learn the trick to understanding Salesforce’s report types, plus the our 5 favorite Report Types (Skip to the bottom to see our favorites). When you decide you want to start customizing your own reports in Salesforce, things can get tricky. Your first prompt is to select a “report type”… which may send you into fits… Read More »

Income Limits, Eligibility and “Certifying Income”

Recently, we talked to HomeKeeper users and asked them how they certify their program applicants as income-eligible. Our stewardship standards make it clear that it’s essential for organizations to communicate eligibility requirements to applicants, but since every program and funder has slightly different income limits and reporting requirements, the implementation often varies by program. Does… Read More »



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