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2016 HomeKeeper Recap and 2017 Roadmap

For over five years, HomeKeeper has helped you manage your programs more efficiently and report on your impacts with ease. Through the years, we’ve remained committed to our core belief that better data begets brighter insights, smarter decisions and bigger impacts. And we’ve also learned that better systems…… Read More »

Make Faster, Better Reports! (Part II)

Oftentimes at our office hours, we highlight our top tips for users who are looking to make better reports, faster. Reports in Salesforce are the easiest way to leverage your data. They let you query, count and interpret all the information you’ve worked so hard to get in to HomeKeeper and Salesforce. There’s a lot to… Read More »

Make Reporting A Breeze with these 5 HomeKeeper Report Types

Learn the trick to understanding Salesforce’s report types, plus the our 5 favorite Report Types (Skip to the bottom to see our favorites). When you decide you want to start customizing your own reports in Salesforce, things can get tricky. Your first prompt is to select a “report type”… which may send you into fits… Read More »

Income Limits, Eligibility and “Certifying Income”

Recently, we talked to HomeKeeper users and asked them how they certify their program applicants as income-eligible. Our stewardship standards make it clear that it’s essential for organizations to communicate eligibility requirements to applicants, but since every program and funder has slightly different income limits and reporting requirements, the implementation often varies by program. Does… Read More »

7 hard questions that just got easier to answer

Download  Now! How do you measure your success? We recently published the  Social Impact Report Primer  for HomeKeeper users that received a Social Impact Report to help  program staff like you better measure impact, make your  case louder and manage your  programs better. Whether or not you’re a HomeKeeper member that has a Social Impact… Read More »

Make Better Reports in Salesforce, Faster! (Part I)

In case you missed it, at last week’s HomeKeeper Office Hours, we highlighted our top tips for HomeKeeper users who are looking to make better reports, faster. Reports in Salesforce are the easiest way to leverage your data, and start digging into it to see what it means in practice. These tips will help you… Read More »

HomeKeeper, Salesforce, NPSP? Your cheatsheet and resource list!

Whether you are a long time user of HomeKeeper or new to the HomeKeeper community, you want to make the most of your system. You probably (hopefully) had some level of introduction to the system and perhaps were given some resources to help you. If you are a newer user, this may have all been a bit overwhelming. If you are a long time user, you may not remember what was shared with you AND the resources around the HomeKeeper environment may have changed. This is our short list of resources for you to help you make the most of your system.… Read More »

Why membership matters: HomeKeeper users tell all

We love working with the staff at homeownership programs across the country, because they’re leveraging HomeKeeper to save time, raise their profile and collaborate across organizations. We’re constantly impressed to see how with a little investment, groups using HomeKeeper are taking their program management light years into the future. Here are the reasons so many… Read More »

Measuring Impact, One Apple at a Time

What do fruits have to do with a sector-wide data project? When we started working on the HomeKeeper National Data Hub, we envisioned creating a shared data hub of aggregated program data to help programs measure social impact and benchmark their success to their peers. Creating a national data hub already seemed like a daunting task, but it was complicated by the fact that comparing one program’s outcomes to another was a lot like comparing apples to oranges, as the saying goes.… Read More »



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